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1M Astral Diamonds$16.98
2M Astral Diamonds$29.93/$0.03
3M Astral Diamonds$41.86/$0.08
4M Astral Diamonds$53.76/$0.16
5M Astral Diamonds$65.64/$0.26
6M Astral Diamonds$77.49/$0.39
7M Astral Diamonds$89.32/$0.54
8M Astral Diamonds$107.09/$0.75
9M Astral Diamonds$151.6/$1.22
10M Astral Diamonds$168.1/$1.7
15M Astral Diamonds$250.62/$4.08
20M Astral Diamonds$323.4/$6.6
30M Astral Diamonds$348.62/$10.78
25M Astral Diamonds$413.89/$10.61
40M Astral Diamonds$491.57/$17.83
50M Astral Diamonds$815.04/$33.96
60M Astral Diamonds$968.37/$45.63
70M Astral Diamonds$1183
80M Astral Diamonds$1284.4/$67.6
90M Astral Diamonds$1521
100M Astral Diamonds$1604.61/$93.39
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Neverwinter News & Guilds

  • [News] Neverwinter Winter Festival Guide [12/12/2016]
    Winter Festival is the latest event of Neverwinter. During the festival, you are able to get the best gear. And also, the Winter Festival features various contests and activities, and the Simril Lightcrafting limited-time profession.
  • [News] Neverwinter: How to Grind for the New Gear [11/24/2016]
    This article mainly tells how to get the vivified gear (BIS) without spending AD or Zen. The first goal is to get into FBI. Under the situation that pushing your IL to that magical +3.1k, what you need now is the Everfrost resistance.
  • [News] Neverwinter Best Ways to Get Astral Diamonds [12/24/2016]
    AD cannot be directly traded between players, but it can be used as trading currency in the Auction House to buy or sell items. So how to get Astral Diamonds? Here are the best ways.
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